About Us

David is a senior level business-development consultant with 20 years professional experience.  He who works with a team of experienced business development and marketing executives to meet a client’s individual requirements.

Among the services offered are:

  • Prepare fund-raising documents, business & marketing plans, including investor “pitch” presentations/PP decks and the business sections of a PPM.
  • Prepare marketing communications materials, including web content, press releases and product 1-sheets.
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships for content and technological agreements.

For background on other team members, check out Associates.

Among the projects David has engaged in are:

  • Provide executive-level strategic consulting services to major U.S. and international for-profit corporations, including HBO, Weather Channel and Fujitsu.
  • Served on the management teams taking two high-tech start-ups public.
  • Served as a consultant to leading nonprofit organizations, including WNET/NY and KQED/SF; Consumers Union and Smithsonian; the Ford, Rockefeller, Johnson and Benton Foundations; Sundance Institute; and Rep. Richard Gephardt.
  • Founded and was executive director of “Digital Independents: a forum on creativity, technology & democracy” that was supported by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations.
  • Oversaw the worldwide introduction of the first CD-ROM system of player, 100 titles and accessories.

Further details can be found in the specific project categories.  David’s bio can be found at Professional Background.

David served on the boards of directors of PBS’s Independent Television Service (ITVS, treasurer), Film Arts Foundation and MoMA’s Video Collection.

He won an Emmy for the classic series, The American City hosted by John Lindsey (WNET/Thirteen).  Earlier, I was script associate to ABC’s first mini-series, the seven-hour The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.

David also writes the Media Current column for Filmmaker magazine and regularly contributes articles on the media, technology and public policy.  He is the author of Off-Hollywood: The Making & Marketing of Independent Films (Grove), cosponsored by Sundance and the Independent Feature Project (IFP).

Also check out my other site:  David Rosen Writes.

David lives in New York City.