Killer Virus

Check out my recent article —  AIDS: Rise of Killer Virus,  case study analysis for Documentary Television.

Killer Virus, a documentary by Carl Gierstorfer, analyzes HIV as a form of interspecies transmission (i.e., zoonoses), a virus jumping from animals – chimpanzees – to humans. It is like Ebola where transmission is from a fruit bat to a human. The film is a scientific detective story that traces the pre-history of HIV to its origins in Cameroon around 1908. The documentary is important for both the history it uncovers and the collaborative effort to produce and broadcast it worldwide for AIDS Day. In the U.S., it was shown on the Smithsonian Channel on December 1st.   Read more.






POS Media-Tech

Americans love to shop, spending an estimated $457 billion in 2016.  This start-up offers a proven line of transparent, interactive LCD platforms that maximize consumer retail purchasing decisions.

Shu & the Resistance

American children are unhealthy, they eat too much sugar and processed foods.  This forthcoming CG animated series is an original and engaging TV series for kids 6-12 years (and their parents) — along with an accompanying game — offers helpful information about healthy foods.

Giant Screen Movies

Giant screen movies are popular in museums, IMAX, 3-D and other specialty entertainment venues.   Large format movies range from Hollywood blockbusters to wildlife and science films.   And the industry is shifting from HD video to “next generation” 4-K digital technology.  How does an original programmer position itself in this complex market?